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  • How We Help Businesses

    Our team helps companies build community and develop audiences to

    drive sustainable business results and growth.

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    Community Development

    Mission: Connect + Cultivate + Communicate

    Which comes first: the community or the company? We understand the power of relationships and the role people can play in shaping your next business ideas, defining services, launching products not to mention brand building.

    (answer: community)

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    Audience Development

    Mission: Build + Subscribe + Grow

    What's better than a solid Community strategy? A stellar Audience development plan. In fact, the two go hand in hand. While Community strategies are the foundation for the sustainable development of products, word of mouth, and partnerships, your audience development plan and subscription model together are what will drive sustainable growth long term.

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    Social Business Optimization

    Mission: Listen + Learn + Evolve

    Social Media isn't for marketing. Social media is for building trust and one-to-one relationships. Strong relationships can open the doors to endless opportunities for companies. Meaningful customer contact will lead directly to healthy returns on relationships. You'll see this in reduced churn, increased loyalty, business growth and improved business operations.

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    Strategy and Audits

    Mission: Listen+ Learn + Advise

    Before you can plan, you need to know where to begin. Communityworks helps you understand where you stand today, digitally speaking, in order to plan for tomorrow. We'll give you a 360-degree view of your social media channels, websites, SEO, content performance, and recommended steps on how to optimize.

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    Content Development

    Mission: Align + Inform + Attract

    Social posts, blog posts, podcasts, marketing campaigns, support articles...wouldn't it be great if someone could hand over the magic key to content success? We're not magicians, just marketers with a solid methodology for identifying the content your customers crave and then helping you develop and deliver it. That's kind of magical though in itself, isn't it?

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    Product Market Demand

    Mission: Ideate + Innovate + Analyze

    Entrepreneur, product marketer, brand manager. You have an idea but you aren't sure if you have a product-market fit. Our process can help you determine and validate your audience before jumping head first into development.

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    Digital Marketing

    Mission: Target + Convert + Grow

    Earned, owned, or paid. When, why, where and how? We admit that the digital eco-system is vast. Understanding where and how channels and media types fit together to support overall business strategy can be a daunting task. We'll work with you to understand what you've got under the hood, what is missing, and how to design a winning strategy that fits your budget, resources, and business goals. And, you guess right. Where and how your audience fits into all of this will be forefront and center!

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    PR and Event Marketing

    Mission: Connect + Rally + Amplify

    Social media channels and the content you create are two of the most powerful tools you can use to connect with your target audience, build word of mouth, and amplify your messages and events. Throw in a backlinking and SEO strategy and get ready to rumble.

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    Business Launch Packages

    Mission: Big + Brand + Bang

    Small budget, low headcount? No problem. We love barebone tactics and lightweight strategies that deliver big brand bang on shoestring budgets. Tell us what your goal is and we'll find the best way to get you there, without breaking the bank.

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    Training + Coaching + Workshops

    Mission: Share + Empower + Inspire

    Our team can work with your team on educational programs that address the new rules of social business. We work one-on-one or in groups based on your needs. What type of topics can we cover? Opportunities, challenges, sales and marketing alignment, strategic messaging, digital marketing and communications, product-people-market fit, social recruiting, social customer care, and product development to name a few.

  • Who we are 

    People who love connecting you with the people who matter most.


    CommunityWorks is a passion-filled freelance venture started in 2015 by Kelly Hungerford to help companies connect with the people who matter most. We're swiss-based and powered by a network of local and regional digital practitioners who carry the same values in helping you reach your goals.


    We believe:


    Success stems from a focus on people and purpose.

    Failure stems from thinking of profit before people or purpose.

    Above all, people are the "everything "in a business strategy today.

    Building community and developing an audience are tightly coupled with business success.


    Community (truly) works. We work with entrepreneurs, founders, leadership teams, product teams, and agencies to design and deliver winning audience-centric strategies. From local to global, some of the companies we've proudly worked with;


    MadLemmingz, MindMaze, Paper.li, Pure Matter, Shine Communication, Sunstar SA, Sunstar Europe, TechSparkAcademy, and Women in Digital Switzerland.


    Have a question? Drop us a line, we'd love to chat!

  • Drop in Digital Consulting

    Social Business Consulting for the Price of a Coffee and Croissant

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    Drop in Digital Hyper-Local Consulting

    Because Everyone Needs Digital Skills

    It's happened to us all. You get to a point where you desperately need to run an idea by someone, ask a question about digital strategy or tactics, get a point of view on a technology decision, or just simply could use a coffee and a croissant on a Saturday morning.


    Well, us too. So Kelly created #DropinDigital, no-charge social business consulting services for local business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers to help fill that void.


    Bring your questions, business ideas, challenges and sense of human and let's chat with a latte and croissant in hand.


    What do we chat about? Content marketing, social media, SEO, email newsletters, technology stacks, tactics, tips, the cows coming home... whatever's on your mind.


    How does it work? There's no pre-set agenda, no presentation. The first one to arrive starts off and the conversation takes root from there.


    No hassle, no stress. 100% caffeinated conversation guaranteed.


    When: Saturday mornings

    Where: Café des Avenues in Lausanne, Switzerland

    Time: 9 - 11am

    Who: anyone with a challenge to solve or knowledge to share

    Next #dropindigital: Stay social and tweet @kdhungerford to get the scoop!








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